Private Label Protein Bar Manufacturer

Customized Snacks Just For You!

If you are an entrepreneur with a great idea for a bar or spread, our expert team will work with you to make your vision a reality. At The BIA Factory, we are dedicated to crafting delectable and nutritious products that our clients can confidently brand as their own.

A One-Stop-Shop For Everything Your Brand Craves

The BIA Factory is your one-stop destination for tailor-made healthy snacking solutions that genuinely represent your preferences and lifestyle.

Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of product development, from recipe creation and custom formulations to final packaging and shipping to distributors. Our ability to bring recipes from concept to completion quickly and efficiently sets us apart, and our low minimum order quantities help our clients go to market sooner with the highest-quality products.

Private Label Protein Bar Manufacturer

Boost Your Brand with The BIA Factory

Partnering with The BIA Factory will significantly benefit your business as a co-manufacturer of private-label, bespoke protein bars, nutritional snacks, and nut butter spreads. The BIA Factory’s passion and vast experience in the consumer-packaged goods industry ensures high-quality products and tailored solutions, ultimately enhancing your brand’s reputation and customer satisfaction.

Bar Abilities

Our bar selection has sizes from 25g-100g, 10+ coatings, and 50+ inclusions. Create bars with four ingredients, like vegan protein bars or cereal bars. Add supplements and vitamins for personalized creations.

Bar Abilities

Industry-Best Customer Service

At The BIA Factory, exceptional customer service means understanding clients’ needs and delivering customized solutions promptly. Experience exceptional service tailored to your satisfaction.

Industry-Best Customer Service

Jarred Spreads

Available in various sizes (from 10oz to 32oz), vegan-friendly, offering more than 100 ingredient options and continuously expanding, with the ability to add supplemental vitamins and minerals.

Jarred Spreads

Professional Packaging & Shipping

We work with you and our partners to ensure your products’ best packaging and shipping solutions, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Bars and Bites

Short Lead Times & Low Minimum Order Quantities

Within just three weeks, clients receive their first custom sample. We ensure a competitive edge with a low MOQ of 8,000 bars per flavor per purchase order and a swift lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Short Lead Times & Low Minimum Order Quantities

Trusted Third-Party Relationships

The BIA Factory collaborates with trusted partners to efficiently create custom private-label protein bars, nutritious snacks, and butternut spreads, ensuring innovation, profit, safety, and great taste.

Trusted Third-Party Relationships

Unique Flavor Profiles & Custom Formulations

Our made-to-order protein bars, nutritional snacks, and nut butter spreads offer a vast array of flavor profiles and unique formulations, allowing for endless possibilities to cater to individual preferences and dietary needs.

Unique Flavor Profiles & Custom Formulations

Produce Your Brand of Success

Step 1

Create the Recipe for Your Brand’s Growth

Our team meets with you to learn about your ideas, customers, and goals. We’ll gather flavor ideas and nutritional specifications to develop the perfect recipe to satisfy your customers and grow your brand.

Step 2

Stir in Ideas, Inspiration, and Mix Well

We take your ideas and guidelines during this phase and begin the research and development process. We produce delectable samples for you to preview for flavor, texture, and consistency.

Step 3

Produce, Package, and Sell

Once product formulation is agreed upon, we proceed to baking and packaging. We also assist with quality, compliance, and ordering, using your templated graphics to brand your product so it’s ready to sell.

Meet The BIA Factory Leadership Team

Trent Wills | Visionary / Member

Trent Wills

Visionary / Member

Jakes Jones | Chief Executive Officer

Jake Jones


Bruce Iwamoto | Logistics Manager

Bruce Iwamoto

Logistics Manager
Christian Thomas | Production Manager

Christian Thomas

Production Manager

Jordan Crabill | Quality & Safety Manager

Jordan Crabill

Quality & Safety Manager

Wade Kirk | Customer Development

Wade Kirk

Customer Development

Jenn Rath | Finance & Human Resources Manager

Jenn Rath

Finance & Human Resources Manager

Mike Sunkle | Facility Manager

Mike Sunkle

Facility Manager

The BIA Factory Team