Trusted Partners

Extraordinary Partnerships Produce Exceptional Products

As an industry leader in the custom consumer packaged goods industry, The BIA Factory works with a network of trusted partners to develop innovations that help to bring your custom, private-label protein bars and bites, nutritional snacks, and nut butter spreads to market efficiently, profitably, and deliciously.

Collaboration, Dedication, Support

We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with this outstanding group of partner organizations. Their commitment to excellence mirrors our own passion to provide our clients with the best co-manufacturing experience possible. We thank them for their collaboration, dedication, and support.
Trusted Partner | Buckeye Boxes, Inc.

Buckeye Boxes, Inc.

Buckeye Boxes helps customers improve their packaging systems. Their proactive approach discovers opportunities and provides solutions that reduce the daily challenges customers face to compete in their marketplaces.

Trusted Partner | CIFT


CIFT is focused on driving competitiveness for food processors, manufacturers, and agribusiness through its innovative approach to business solutions, with a focus on integrity, passion, and commitment.

Trusted Partner | EPAC Flexible Packaging


Founded in 2016, ePac supports local consumer packaged goods companies by offering high-quality packaging, community growth, and global reach with increased flexibility, sustainability, and market adaptability.

Trusted Partner | Matrix Sciences

Matrix Sciences

Matrix Sciences empowers the agri-food supply chain with comprehensive expertise, resources, and support, enabling well-informed decisions in the complex growth, production, and research of food and agricultural products.

Social Firm

Social Firm

Founded in 2010, Social Firm has a team of expert digital marketers and designers who combine passion, technology, and creativity in our mission of helping companies of all sizes to succeed online, engage with their customers, and achieve long-term business success.